Speed up your Apple Mac with a fast SSD!

Upgrade your Mac with a fast SSD to speed up your MacBook, iMac or Mini.
Slow or damaged drive in your Mac Mini, MacBook Pro or iMac?
Does your Mac seem to be running slower than it used to?
Spinning beach-ball or delays starting up, browsing the web or opening Applications or not starting up at all?

In many MacBook, Mini and iMac models, the old mechanical rotating Hard Disk is the bottleneck holding back your Mac

I can replace your tired, slow or damaged Hard Disk with a super-fast SSD Solid State Drive
The improvement is instant and makes your older Mac dramatically faster

I can also clone your current Hard Disk Drive containing a Bootcamp partition running Windows, to the new SSD

RAM memory / working memory upgrades
Software updates and trouble-shooting
Data recovery
Battery replacement

Cost for Disk replacement is Parts + $110 for MacBook and Parts + $130 for iMac and MacMini
Transfer of your files from your old Hard Disk Drive to your new SSD drive is included

For more information, please contact Glynn. See Contact page
Phone: (09) 8494754
Mobile: +64 21511073
Email: macdriveupdate@slingshot.co.nz