MacBook and iMac SSD Upgrade
First, the new SSD drive is connected to your computer by cable and 'cloned', making an exact copy of all your files onto your new SSD.
This may take several hours.

Once this is completed I disassemble your computer and swap in the new SSD.

Cost: MacBook $100 plus parts
iMac and Mac Mini  $120 plus parts 

iMac 27" from 2009 to current and iMac 21.5" 2009-2011 need a temperature sensor fitted - $91, but 21.5" models 2012 to present do not need the temperature sensor

All iMacs from 2012 on (tapered edge), need a new set of screen adhesive strips to re-attach the screen - $48

Add Random Access Memory RAM
This is the computer's working memory

Cost: RAM plus $30 or free install with new SSD install

Battery Service
Is your MacBook battery lasting less time than it used to?

I will replace your battery with a brand new one

Cost: Battery, plus $30 or free install with new SSD install

Data Recovery
Lost photos? Damaged disk?
I may be able to help