You will be surprised at how much faster your MacBook Pro or iMac will be.

I am based in Grafton, Auckland Central and can courier anywhere in NZ

I am honest and reliable and will take good care of your Mac!

I relish the opportunity to dramatically speed up your Mac and ensure that it serves you well in the future

"The iMac is in great shape and extremely fast compared to before. I am so glad we found you to take care of it"
"It feels like I have a brand new computer! Glynn is an absolute pleasure to deal with. He keeps you informed about what is going on with your device and is very friendly. I have recommended his services to all my iMac and Macbook loving friends and family" ... Priscilla, July 2017

"Nice one, thanks…Great service, my 2008 iMac is running super-fast now thanks to the SSD upgrade, even managed to retrieve all of my data from the failed drive!" ... Dino, February 2018

"My 2009 MacbookPro's battery would only last about 20 minutes, and the "spinning rainbow wheel of death" was fairly common when opening Photos or iTunes. A new SSD and battery has made my almost-decade-old laptop feel like it did soon after I bought it. Not quite like brand new, but it feels good to know I will get another few years out of old faithful. The service was prompt, super friendly and honest. Thanks Glynn. I don't think the RAM upgrade we talked about is really necessary!" ... Tristan, February 2018

"I’m getting my new iMac SSD set up, and I’m loving it. It seems very fast, running High Sierra 10.13.3, and I haven’t yet explored everything. My wife is impressed too, and wonders whether her iMac is faster, as it has a 4.2 GHz CPU - I don’t really care as I’m happy with this very big step-up from my MacBook air" ... Paul, February 2018

"Fantastic Glynn! In less than 24 hours you've taken my 2 senile MacBook Pros from worn-out to warp speed! My advice? Unleash your Macs inner genie!" ... Alan February 2018

"Fantastic service, Glynn is a pleasure to deal with. Our iMac has gone from being essentially unusable to blazing fast, a simply phenomenal improvement. Fantastic service at a very reasonable price - Glynn is a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend to all!" ... Guy Feb 2018

"Glynn did an awesome hassle free upgrade to my new 2013 27 inch iMac including the data transfer from my old 2012 21 inch Mac. The difference in speed is incredible, making it a brand new iMac. After data transfer all my installed programs were still working which makes this an awesome service! Thank you so much!" ...Daan June 2018

"Thanks Glynn, Great job ! Very pleased with the fast and professional service upgrading my iMac to having an SSD" ... Regards Eric Nov 2018

"Best service in town! Fast service and fantastic result. Thanks very much Glynn. I'll be passing your details on to my colleagues" ... Craig Nov 2018

"Best Mac service in town my 2015 I mac run like rocket after Glenny replace hard drive to ssd drive and installed double operating system Mac and windows .. and they both runs so smoothly and fast Thank you for service my I mac . Best service highly recommend +++++" ...Irman Nov 2018

"Amazing friendly service, and I can't believe how well my MacBook Pro is working now - so fast, it's a miracle! Thanks so much" ... Mary Nov 2018

"Glynn you're a genius! So fast and the way it should have been from Day 1! Love it."...Kelly Feb 2019

"Glynn is a legend! The fusion drive in my fully specced out imac was letting me down on the daily... I've been to many other repair stores and they all said that the risk was too high. Glynn did such a flawless job, and this took him roughly 7 hours, I picked my mac up on the same day! Super cool dude, very reassuring and definitely an A+++"... EDYONTHEBEAT Feb 2019

"Glynn provided fantastic service. Both our macs are running like a dream. We'd been advised to take one of them to a recycling for old computers centre but now it runs as new. Thank you Glynn, we highly recommend you" ... Amanda March 2019

"Glynn is a genius with Macs and made my 27" IMac desktop work like a dream after I stupidly erased the content of my hard drive while trying to update it to Mojave. He not only restored it but it now is working faster than ever. Thank you Glynn for your expertise and kindness, I would highly recommend Glynn for any Mac issues." ... Anne March 2019

"Super happy customers here! Husband and I are audio engineers/musicians and badly needed our iMac fixed and upgraded to handle our video and audio software.... Glynn is the man! Supa-fast, honest, reliable and a really lovely person........the upgrade to our mac is so much FASTER!! not to mention saving us over 2k for a new one.........thanku glynn for your excellent service! Wiz & Shell." ... Wiz and Shell April 2019

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